Nichole Lorenz



Nichole Lorenz, Licensed Master Clinical Social Worker (LMSW), is a holistic body-awareness psychotherapist with a clinical practice in Ann Arbor, MI.  Using mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic techniques, she is poised to support her mission: 


 to partner with her clients to examine their relationships with themselves and others, resulting in the realization of the balance and vibrant health they desire.   


Nichole has been on a growth and development path since 2002, and most recently it has brought her to a place where she is passionately driven to support others on their journeys of authentic self-connection and connection with others.  Since 2002, Nichole has walked a steady path toward health and wellness that involved letting go of relationships with food, substances, and connections with others that no longer served her, connecting her with several holistic practitioners in the community, introducing her to Ayurveda (a form of alternative medicine that is the traditional system of medicine of India) and its principles around simple balanced eating, nudging her to adopt physical practices to support health, exposing her to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) / Compassionate Communication to support emotional awareness and connection with self and others, and also calling her to learn and practice Heart-Based Meditation (HBM) to support connection with self.  


Nichole has served individuals, families, and groups in various settings over the last 15 years: in schools, in mental health clinics, in substance abuse clinics, in the community, and in homes.  Nichole has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds in regards to socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.  

Nichole has significant experience working with people who want to make changes related to challenges around feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress-related concerns, relationship difficulty, adjustment challenges, grief and loss, and sexual, gender, and other identity-related concerns.  She also has extensive experience with parenting support and guidance.  


Nichole resides in Ann Arbor and takes great pleasure in serving the low-income / homeless community by fundraising and gathering donations each fall.  Nichole finds great healing and rejuvenation by spending time with her 2 pre-teen children and her strong female friends who have gifted her with immeasurable support and guidance over the years.

“Nichole is simply amazing. She is outstandingly invested in helping people live their best lives and become their best selves. She provided me with endless educative facts, resources to complement our sessions, new tools to apply on my day-to-day, and she made me feel strong and supported in difficult situations and life-changing decisions. I feel very grateful that I got to meet her and form such an honest and deep connection with myself through my sessions with her.”

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